rdesktop screenshot added

I have added a screenshot of Everblue connecting to an XP machine. Works quite well except a thread hogging the cpu.

GTK2 Screenshots

In the screenshots section, there are screenshots that demonstrate how GTK2 compatibility progresses.

EverBlue Presentation available

We uploaded the EverBlue presentation of Sebastian to our FTP server. You can get it at the download page of the project. Enjoy!

Everblue Beta 1 with Gimp for OS/2 PM

netlabs.org is proud to anounce the first PM version of GIMP for OS/2! Gimp is the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, often called the free "Photoshop".

It is available for a long time already for XFree86/OS2, now you can finaly run it without XFree86/OS2 installed! This is done with Everblue, the XLib implementation on OS/2 PM which is included in the WarpIN package we now provide.

Colormaps and Fonts Improved

After a long absence we are back to work on Everblue. I just committed a number of Colormap and Font fixes. There will be more to come soon. Everblue was not dead, just sleeping.

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